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Title Author Year Call #
Morimur Poppen, Christoph 2001 104 info
The Potter GodZ GuyZ 2008 105 info
Native Angels Savae Vocal Ensemble 1996 106 info
Passion Orlando Consort Jones, Robert Harre (Countertenor) 1997 107 info
The Quest for Psychic Power Woods, Richard 1977 107-110 info
Saint Francis and the Minstrels of God Altramar 1996 108 info
When the Cake Is Gone: How to Get Married and Stay Engaged Healy, James Dr. 2001 109 info
Chant Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos 1994 11 info
The Spiritual Journey: Part 5: Divine Love; The Heart of the Christian Spiritual Journey Keating, Thomas 2006 110 info
Man and Metaphysics Jolivet, Regis 1966 110/JOL/v.35 info
Anyone and Everyone Schutz, Susan Polis 2007 111 info
Apology for Wonder Keen, Sam 1969 111/KEE info
Cigar Box Ray 0 112 info
For the Bible Tells Me So Karslake, Daniel 2007 112 info
Through My Eyes 2009 113 info
The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God Sheldrake, Rupert 1991 113/SHE info
The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos Swimme, Brian 1996 113/SWI info
Earth Spirituality: In the Catholic and Dominican Traditions Zayac, Sharon Therese 2003 113/ZAY info
The Passion of the Christ Gibson, Mel (dir.) 2004 115 info
The Passion of the Christ Gibson, Mel (dir.) 2004 117 info
Our Lady of Guadalupe McKenna, Megan 1995 118 info
Romero Julia, Raul 1989 118 info
Bella Verastegui, Eduardo & Tammy Blanchard 2006 119 info
Made for Each Other: A Catechetical and Educational Aid on Sexual Difference and Complementarity Committee for the Defence of Marriage 2010 119 info
An Uncommon Kindness: The Father Damien Story Williams, Robin (narrator) 2003 12 info
Evangelizing God's People in a Culture of Diversity Bishops' Committee on Evangelization 2006 120 info
One Night with the King O'Toole, Peter et al 2006 120 info
The Sins Against Poverty Merton, Thomas 1988 121 info
Belief and Unbelief: A Philosophy of Self-Knowledge Novak, Michael 1994 121.6/NOV info
Belief and Faith: A Philosophical Tract Pieper, Josef 1963 121/PIE info