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Title Author Year Call #
Becoming info
Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the 12 Steps Rohr, Richard info
Carolina Shout! info
Convinced: Why Would Anyone Become Catholic Donald Johnson info
Fr. Stanley Rother: American Martyr EWTN 2017 info
Keep Your Kids Catholic Cardonella, Marc info
La Historia de Ana Ely, V. 1985 info
Lent: A Time to Forgive info
Naked, and You Clotherd Me: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle A info
St. Peter's Story Thomas, Marion 2012 info
Studer, Louis info
The Breaking of info
The Catholic Mom info
The Priestly Office Dul es, Avery 1997 info
The Sins Against Poverty info
The Unfinished Agenda of Vatican II info
Michelangelo: The Artist Barron, 1920 info
The Virginal Conception and Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Brown, Raymond 1973 232/BRO info
Index to the Works of Newman Rickaby, Joseph 1977 025/RIC/REF. info
Building a Child's Library: Inside twenty-five Classic Children's Stories Johnson, Miriam J. 2004 028/JOH info
The Cambridge FactFinder Crystal, David (ed.) 1993 030/CRY info
Travels in Hyper-Reality: Essays Eco, Umberto 1986 085.1/ECO info
Pathway to Joy Ensley, Eddie 1988 1 info
The New American Bible Martin, Eric (narrator) 1986 1 info
Chant Noel Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos 1994 10 info
Music for Good Friday Ravens, Simon 2000 100 info
Plato Not Prozac! Applying Philosophy to Everyday Problems Marinoff, Lou 1999 100/MAR info
Sacred Treasures Choral Masterworks from Russia 1998 101 info
Chant Byzantin Keyrouz, Soeur Marie 1984 102 info
Maundy Thursday Claire, Dom Jean (Director) 1987 103 info