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Title Author Year Call #
Belief and Faith: A Philosophical Tract Pieper, Josef 1963 121/PIE info
A History of Knowledge: Past, Present, Future Van Doran, Charles 1992 121/VAN info
A Man for All Seasons Scofield, Paul 1966 122 info
The Modern Cult of Efficiency Merton, Thomas 1988 122 info
John XXIII: The Pope of Peace Asner, Ed 2002 123 info
Christianity--the Inward Journey Ripple, Paula 1979 124 info
The Way Sheen, Martin 2010 124 info
Spirituality of Marriage and the Family Nouwen, Henri J.M. 1976 125 info
The Nativity Story Castle-Hughes, Keisha 2010 125 info
This is your home Justice/Peace/Sustainability Office 2016 126 info
Soul dust: The Magic of Consciousness Humphrey, Nicholas 2011 126/HUM info
Into Great Silence Groning, Philip 2007 127 info
Taize Allelulia Berthier, Jacques (comp.) 1988 127 info
Human Sexuality: A Catholic Perspective Lynch, Robert 2002 12732 info
Pope Francis and the Family Dal Toso, Paola 2014 12734 info
Heroes of the Bible! Veggie Tales 2002 128 info
The Radical Rite: The Vision of Christian Initiation of Adults Guzie, Tad 1979 128-130 info
Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying Callanan, Maggie 1992 128/CAL info
Between the Dark and the Daylight Chittister, Joan 2015 128/CHI info
Time and Myth: A Meditation on Storytelling as Exploration of Life and Death Dunne John S. 1973 128/DUN info
Concerning Death: A Practical Guide for Living Grollman, Earl A. (ed.) 1974 128/GRO info
Comfort and Care for the Critically Ill Kolf, June Cerza 1993 128/KOL info
Care of the Dying Lamerton, Richard 128/LAM info
Personal Responsibility Lawlor, Monica 1963 128/LAW/v.33 info
A Death of One's Own Lerner, Gerda 1978 128/LER info
One You Love Is Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You On the Journey Miller, James E. 1997 128/MIL info
When You Know You Are Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You Through the Days Ahead Miller, James E. 1997 128/MIL info
A Sorrow Shared Nouwen, Henri 2010 128/NOU info
A Sorrow Shared: A Combined Edition of the Nouwen Classics, In Memoriam and A Letter of Consolation Nouwen, Henri J.M. 2010 128/NOU info
In Memoriam Nouwen, Henri J.M. 1980 128/NOU info