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Title Author Year Call #
One Ordinary Sunday Huston, Paula 2016 264/HUS info
Poor for the Poor Muller, Cardinal Gerhard 2016 261.8/MUL info
Risen Fiennes, Joseph 2016 214 info
Seasons in My Garden Wagner, Elizabeth 2016 242/WAG info
Seven Last Words Martin, James 2016 232.9/MAR info
Silence Scorsese, Martin 2016 216 info
St. Catherine of Siena: The Mystic Barron, Robert 2016 204 info
St. Francis of Assisi: The Reformer Barron, Robert 2016 208 info
St. Thomas Aquinas: The Theologian Barron, Robert 2016 209 info
The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion Hendey, Lisa 2016 242/HEN info
The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation Rohr, Richard 2016 231/ROH info
The Enthusiast Sweeney, Jon 2016 271.3/SWE info
The Mystery at Midnight Hendey, Lisa 2016 J/FIC/HEN info
The Sacraments 2016 195 info
The Strangers in the Manger Hendey, Lisa 2016 J/FIC/HEN info
The Whisper in the Ruins Hendey, Lisa 2016 J/FIC/HEN info
This is your home Justice/Peace/Sustainability Office 2016 126 info
Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart Muto, Susan 2016 238.4/MUT info
Vibrant Paradoxes Barron, Robert 2016 230.2/BAR info
Vocation of the Agricultural Leader Ennis, James 2016 658.4/ENN info
Who Does He Say You Are? Mitchell, Colleen 2016 226/MIT info
21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage Hunt, Allen 2015 173/HUN info
Availability Wicks, Robert 2015 241.4/WIC info
Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples Weddell, Sherry 2015 266.7/WED info
Befriending Silence McColman, Carl 2015 248.48/MCC info
Between the Dark and the Daylight Chittister, Joan 2015 128/CHI info
Called: Called to Holy Matrimony Y-Disciple 2015 228 info
Called: Discover Your Vocation Y-Disciple 2015 Vocation: info
Called: Called to Consecrated Life Y Disciple 2015 227 info
Called: Called to Holy Orders Y-Disciple 2015 226 info