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Title Author Year Call #
15 Ways to Nourish Your Faith Davis, Susan S. 1998 248.4/DAV info
150 Fun Facts Found in the Bible for Kids of All Ages Snyder, Bernadette McCarver 1990 J/220.9/SNY info
150 Opening and Closing Prayers Koch, Carl 1990 242/KOC info
2 Chronicles Myers, Jacob M. 1965 222.63/MYE/v.13 info
2 Peter, Jude: A New Translatin with Introduction and Commentary Neyrey, Jerome H. 1993 220.7/NEY/v.37C info
20 Mysteries of the Rosary: A Scriptural Journey Pennington, M. Basil 2003 242.7/PEN info
20 Tough Questions Teenagers Ask Davitz, Lois L. 1998 YA/305/DAV info
2000 Years of Classic Christian Prayers: A Collection for Public and Personal Use Collins, Owen (ed.) 1999 242/COL info
2000: Reality and Hope Elizondo, Virgilio 1999 261/ELI/1999/5 info
2014 Hunger Report Bread of the World 2014 261.8/BRE info
2014 Hunger Report Bread of the World 2014 261.8/BRE info
2014 Hunger Report Bread of the World 2014 261.8/BRE info
21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage Hunt, Allen 2015 173/HUN info
25 Tough Questions about Women and the Church Grady, J. Lee 2003 261.8/GRA info
25 Windows into the Soul: Praying with the Psalms Chittister, Joan 2007 242.5/CHI info
3 in 1: A Picture of God Marxhausen, Joanne 1973 J/230/MAR info
3 Moments of the Day Collins, Christopher 2014 248.3/COL info
365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids Snyder, Bernadette McCarver 1989 J/282/SNY info
40 Stories to Stir the Soul Chittister, Joan 2010 248/CHI info
5-Minute Miracles: Praying for People with Simplicity and Power Schubert, Linda 1993 242/SCH info
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do Montez, Michelle (illustrator) 1990 J/574/MON info
50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth Earthworks Group 1989 574.5/EAR info
52 SimpleThings You Can Do to Be Pro-life Pierson, Anne 1990 179/PIE info
8 Spiritual Heroes: Their Search for God Hill, Brennan R. 2002 BIO/HIL info
A Crisis of Truth: The Attack on Faith, Morality and Mission in the Catholic Church Martin, Ralph 1982 282/MAR info
A Bible Who's Who Thompson, David W. 1957 220.3/THO info
A Biblical Walk through the Mass: Understanding What We Say and Do in the Liturgy Sri, Edward 2011 264/SRI info
A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation with Pope Francis Francis I, Pope 2013 282.09/FRA info
A Big-Enough God: A Feminist's Search for a Joyful Theology Maitland, Sara 1995 231.7/MAI info
A Blessing to Each Other: Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Huck, Gabe (ed.) 1996 261/HUC info