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Title Author Year Call #
The Collins Dove Dictionary for Young Catholics Woods, Laurie (ed.) 1990 YA/282.03/WOO info
I Know Things Now: Stories by Teenagers Koch, Carl 1996 YA/248/KOC info
Why Is God Looking for Friends Johnson, Kevin 1993 YA/248/JOH info
How Big Is a Person? A Book for Loving Outloud Simons, George F. 1983 YA/248.83/SIM info
If There Is a God, Why Do I Need Braces? An Adolescent Journey to Adult Faith Penrice, James 1995 YA/248.8/PEN info
More than the Mall: A Survival Guide for Christian Teens Auer, Jim 1994 YA/248.4/AUE info
Prayers for a New Generation Moore, Joseph 1991 YA/242/MOO info
Dreams Alive: Prayers by Teenagers Koch, Carl 1991 YA/242/KOC info
Learning to Pray: A Guide for Young People Kelemen, Julie 2000 YA/242/KEL info
At Home With God: A Book of Prayer for Young People Halpin, Marlene 1994 YA/242/HAL info
Now What Lord? Bible Devotions and Activities for Girls Owen, Barbara 1985 YA/242.8/OWE info
Take My Word for It: Devotions by Kids Like You Shelton, Ingrid 1993 YA/242.6/SHE info
The Joy of the Gospel: Meditations for Young People Martini, Carlo Maria 1994 YA/242.6/MAR info
The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth Singer-Towns, Brian 2003 YA/238/SIN info
The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth Singer-Towns, Brian 2004 YA/238/SIN info
Handbook for Catholic Youth Glavich, Mary K. 1995 YA/238/GLA info
Miriam's Well: Stories about Women in the Bible Bach, Alice & J. Cheryl Exum 1991 YA/221.9/BAC info
Young People and You Know What: Eroding the Paganism O'Malley, William 1992 YA/176/OMA info
Sex, Love and You: Making the Right Decision Lickona, Tom & Judy 1994 YA/176/LIC info
Real Life Takes Guts: Go For It Auer, Jim 1998 YA/158/AUE info
When Death Walks In Scrivani, Mark 1991 YA/155/SCR info
When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens about Grieving and Healing Gootman, Marilyn E. 1994 YA/155.9/GOO info
What's a Teen to Do? Developing Helping Skills with 14 and16 Year-olds Flanagan, John A. 1989 YA/155.5/FLA info
Called: Discover Your Vocation Y-Disciple 2015 Vocation: info
The Catholic Update Sourcebook 1992 REF info
Woody, Be Good Lundell, Margo 1988 J/LUN info
Saints at Harvest Time: Saints of the Seasons for Children; Autumn Marbach, Ethel 1980 J/IBO/MAR info
The Heart that Followed Me Home Dini, Gary 1983 J/FIN/DIN info
My Christmas Angel: A Hide-and-Seek Story Chisholm, Sarah Reid 1993 J/FIIC/CHI info
Dinner's Ready, Jessie! Ziefert, Harriet 1990 J/FIC/ZIE info